Converse Branch Library Reopens

Sabine Parish Library is pleased to announce the re-opening of the Converse Branch Library in its new location at 108 W Port Arthur Avenue in Converse on December 29, 2014. After a prolonged absence from the community, the Library has acquired a new building and installed it on the centrally located property which is easily accessible to the citizens of Converse and the surrounding area. The library will provide a full range of library services, including books for all ages, magazines and periodicals, computers for public use with printing capabilities, copies, children’s summer programming, and much more. One new service the Library is excited to be able to provide in the new location is access to wireless internet service. Patrons may use this wireless connection on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis from the parking lot of the library by connecting an internet capable device (smart phone, tablet, or laptop) to the Sabine Parish Library WiFi. The Converse Branch Library will retain its previous hours of Mondays and Thursdays from Noon until 5:00pm. Sabine Parish Library Director Debbie Anderson says to stay tuned for more information and events to celebrate the opening.

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